2020s CDs Interactive Map

Note: Double Click on a CD or hit the District button and enter a CD Name (i.e. TX-2, TX2 or tx02) in the box, then hit the Enter key to pull up a precinct map. Hit Single/Multiple button to toggle between single or multiple CD selection mode. Hit menu to change maps. Map will change only when a complete choice is made & the menu auto-closes.

Please be patient when loading a block map. Some will take a long time to load due to the size of the files.

Data and shapefile sources include: Voting and Election Science Team, 2020, "2020 Precinct-Level Election Results", https://doi.org/10.7910/DVN/K7760H, Harvard Dataverse, V32 for the 2020 maps - and prior years for the 2016 and Governor maps.
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