Louisiana 2023 Jungle Primary Livemap

***Please be very patient and allow the map to load before and after hitting the Change Map button.***

***No need to reload page. Data should auto-refresh about every 2.5 minutes on election night.***

***Default map is of the Governor primary election day vote ONLY by precinct. Hit the Change Map button to see Early Vote by Parish maps, Secretary of State results & candidate heatmaps.***

***Disclaimer: There is no official 2023 precinct map yet. The 2023 precinct map was cobbled together from various sources, and may not be 100% accurate, but it should be close in most parishes.***

***Election Day precincts with data includes Alpha Precincts (i.e. voters with last names from A-L and M-Z in a given precinct). Alpha Precincts are combined in the Total Precinct count. Thus, the ED precinct total is higher than the total precinct total.***